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DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2 arrives tomorrow and shows up on video

The Ancient Gods Part 2,doom eternal's new single player expansion, will be available from tomorrow, March 18,and id Software to celebrate the event has released the content trailer showing us the particular atmosphere that will engage us playing. The DLC will be available to DOOM EternalYear 1 Pass holders as a separate digital purchase or as content included in the game's Deluxe Edition. Of course we will inform you when the DLC will be online, meanwhile we leave you to the video and a brief description of the expansion taken from the official bethesda website.

You saved the Earth from demonic corruption, defeated the powerful gods who came from beyond the confines of the cosmos, and awakened an ancient evil to eradicate it once and for all in a final confrontation. This March, experience the epic conclusion of the DOOM Slayer saga with The Ancient Gods Part 2,the second expansion of the DOOM Eternal award-winning campaign.

Gather the Armies of the Sentinels and storm the Dark Lord's fortress himself, in one last heroic effort to eradicate evil once and for all. Armed with the new Sentinel Hammer, the Slayer can tear, tear and now even crush demons in his path, between ancient Sentinel settlements, devastated cities on Earth and beyond, facing new variants of increasingly powerful enemies as the final battle approaches.

Everything you fought for has led you so far. Your war against Hell ends here.

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