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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, the third development journal tells us about the combat system

After showing off the first gameplay sequences at The Game Awards, Frontier Developments finally releases Odyssey'sthird development diary, the next mega expansion of Elite: Dangerous,which will introduce a lot of novelties, from firefights, new locations, planets with atmospheres and fully exploreable.

In the new Development journal we see how the team is taking care of a lot of details about the shootings, while using their character out of the safety of their ship. There will be different types of weapons, such as kinetics or lasers, each with its own handling and stability. There will also be grenades and other types of gadgets, to be used in firefights that will take place both in the open field, and in narrow corridors of some planetary base or interstellar ship.

If you want to know more, all you have to do is watch the video at the bottom of the news, reminding you that Odyssey will be available in early 2021: good vision!

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