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AC Valhalla: Patch removes screen tearing on Series X and adds 60 fps on Series S

We inform you that a patch is available for the latest effort of Ubisoft Assassin's Creed Valhalla,designed to improve the stability of the game by eliminating the annoying screen tearing that plagued the title on Xbox Series X, also adding, on Series X and S, the possibility to choose the graphic rendering between "Performance" and "Quality".

The Performance mode, on Series X, is the one that the game has had so far with a frame-rate at 60 fps, while on Series S it adds the possibility to go to 60 fps sacrificing graphics quality. Quality mode,on the other hand, brings the frame-rate to Series X at 30 fps further improving the graphics performance, while on Series S it is equivalent to the graphic rendering that was so far on the console, with the game going only with frame-rate at 30 fps.

In addition to this, the update also includes several improvements and changes, including better equipment balance.

The game update will start as soon as you start the console connected to the internet or you will find it already installed if you have the console with automatic update setting.