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Disintegration is on the way to a premature shutdown of the multiplayer sector

In the crowded FPS multiplayer segment, the competition is fierce and sometimes there are some illustrious victims on the field. This time it's up to Marcus Lehto's young creation, Disintegration,released only three months ago and which will see the multiplayer servers shut down in November,thus keeping only the single campaign active.

Anyone who has followed the multiplayer shooter market over the past decade knows that to create a product that can gather a vital community around them, it takes more than "a lot of people shooting themselves." The days when "there was enough" (if ever there were) have long passed, and for Disintegration it was not enough a recall name like that of Marcus Lehto, creator of the master chief character and the Halo saga, to keep afloat a title that has not been able to keep its promises.

The game, which was first operated by V1 Interactive, came to publication last June after a tortuous journey of closed-door presentations, video conferencing and private betas. Despite the name of recall and the halo of mystery built artfully, the plot was immediately quite trivial: anthropomorphic robots with bomber jackets are discharged on loaders of large caliber weapons as if there were no tomorrow. The gameplay, in the authors' intentions, was supposed to mix RTS and FPS elements in a style that would have to create a new gameplay model.

With these cards on the table, Private Division and V1 Interactive have announced that, just five months after launch, Disintegration's servers will be shutting down under a schedule that will lead tothe impossibility of playing online after November 17. Sorry not so much for the loss of the game itself, but for the loss of another small slice of diversity in an industry dominated by very few behemoths.