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Focus Home announces multiplayer stealth game Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Focus Home Interactive announced the development by Hood's Sumo Digital: Outlaws & Legends,a medieval"PvPvE"multiplayer stealth-action game in which two teams of four players will have to try to gain a treasure by evading and killing enemies controlled by AI but also hindering each other to be the first to reach the coveted goal.

The game is expected in 2021 on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions; we now leave you to the game's official description, the stunning Italian-subtitled trailer and a first set of images.

We're all outlaws. but some of us will become legends.

In a ruthless and uncontrolled kingdom, rebels and villains from all over the world battle to claim a place among legends. To win the favor of an oppressed people, rival gangs compete in daring robberies to hit the rich where it hurts most. A popular hero or gold-starved outlaw, only the best will escape with the well-deserved loot.

Form your team of outlaws and try to steal treasures from a tyrannical government in a dark and violent medieval scenario.

Two teams of players will compete to complete the perfect heist, in some environments patrolled by deadly AI-managed guards. Take advantage of each character's unique and mystical abilities, stealthily acting to steal treasures without being discovered or making your way through a noisy and brutal fight.

Blood will be spilled. And many riches will be stolen. But new legends will be born.

  • Defeat your opponents in intense multiplayer PvPvE robberies.
  • Immerse yourself in a violent medieval scenario, where ancient mysticism competes with the power and corruption of men.
  • Get your loot and invest in daring new outfits, weapons and new outfits.
  • Post-launch support with new maps, characters, game modes and events.

MX Video - Hood: Outlaws & Legends