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Halo Infinite: F2P and 120fps multiplayer noise, graphics and open world update

The news and rumours about Halo Infinitedo not stop, after last week's revelation; The rumour of the day, which has a very high probability of being true given the source, comes from the UK chain Smyths Touys, which has published a page dedicated to Xbox Series X that also talks about the title of 343 Industries. And that's where things get interesting.

In the description of the game we read:"The legendary Halo series returns with the largest Master Chief Campaign ever and a revolutionary free-to-play multiplayer experience. You'll enjoy up to 120 FPS and extremely low load times, creating seamless gameplay on Xbox Series X."

This description, which was definitely provided to the Store by Microsoft itself, therefore makes us understand that the multiplayer of Halo Infinite will be free-to-play and therefore separate from the Campaign, probably to allow as many players as possible, even those who do not have the Game Pass, to enjoy it. It would certainly make a sensible choice in view of 343 Industries' desire to make the game an ever-evolving platform: having separate campaigns and multiplayers would allow the team to evolve them distinctly and carry them forward, upgrade in update, for the whole generation and perhaps beyond.

Also interesting is the mention of the 120 fps on Xbox Series X,probably always for multiplayer since the campaign has been confirmed at 60 fps.

To this rumor we also add a couple of official information from the developers, who have just published an update on the title answering some questions from fans. Specifically, 343 says it has carefully analyzed all fan concerns and complaints about the graphic aspect of last week's demo, confirming that it was a still-working and several-week-old build and confirming that developers are taking their cue from community and press suggestions to improve some visual aspects of the title.

Another interesting information is related to the open world management of the game: the developers claim that, except for a few exceptions, in general if we see something on the surface of the ring, we will be able to go there.

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