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DOOM Eternal introduces the Precious Metals event and more with Update 1

Bethesda has announced availability starting today with DOOM EternalUpdate1, which introduces the Precious Metals event as well as enhanced demons,single-player campaign updates, changes to BATTLEMODE, and more.

Here are the details:

  • Precious Events - Starting now, you can get a new set of glitzy aesthetic items simply by accumulating PE in DOOM Eternal! In the event, players can unlock brand new weapon skins, player icons, license plates, and player skins to show off; From this event, all of our events will also include an extra deluxe skin to unlock! Stand out with skins like Gold Raider and the Luxury doublet, or indulge in a spectacular entrance with the Master Dolorapper Collection! Don't miss the chrome excesses of these aesthetic objects! PRECIOUS METAL ENDS June 18.
  • Enhanced Demons – When a player is killed during the single-player campaign, the responsible demon is upgraded and transported into another player's game to return to fight! Eliminate an upgraded demon and you'll be rewarded not only with an avalanche of health and ammo, but also PE bonuses for your progress in in-game events! You can toggle the enhanced demons on the Game of Options tab, which is accessible from the main menu. Please note:Enhanced demons will be available in the campaign 24 hours after this update is released.
  • Echelon Leveling - Once you reach DOOM level 250, you will receive your first Echelon which will unlock a special show to indicate your rank to other players. Each Echelon obtained brings the DOOM Level back to 1 and gives you another muster. As you progress through the various Echelons, you will keep all your equipment.
  • Single-player experience improvements - Since the game's release, we've been building on player feedback, and Update 1 solves some of the major issues we've been flagged for. Some of these changes include expanding demon tutorials, Shooting Vertical in Water, and adjusting toxin damage while swimming.
  • Updates to BATTLEMODE – We're implementing a number of features that will enhance the overall BATTLEMODE experience:
    • BATTLEMODE now has a dead report showing players what killed them
    • Prestige stars are now shown below the player card to reward the most dedicated players
    • We've fixed various latency and lag issues
    • Players facing BATTLEMODE for the first time will now see a tutorial

We now leave you to the trailer that shows us some of these new features: good viewing!

MX Video - DOOM Eternal