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Playstack announces Mortal Shell, a souls-like indie with AAA graphics

Indie title publisher Playstack has announced the development of Mortal Shell'snew Cold Symmetry studio, an interesting souls-like action-RPG set in a dark and decadent world in which we will play a being capable of taking over the bodies of fallen warriors to exploit them in battle against the mighty enemies we will encounter.

What is most striking about Mortal Shell is the first-level graphic and artistic system: watching the trailer below it wouldn't be difficult to mistake it for a title made by From Software. The game is expected by the end of the year; we now leave you to the official description, the trailer and a first set of images. Good reading and good viewing!

Mortal Shell is a ruthless and profound RPG action that tests your sanity and tenacity in a shattered world. As the remnants of humanity wither and rot, angry enemies lurk among the ruins. They have no mercy: your survival requires superior awareness, precision and instinct. Track down the hidden shrines of devoted followers and discover your true goal.

Own fallen warriors
The dead cover this torn landscape, but they are not all hopeless. The lost remains of defeated warriors are ready to be unearthed. Awaken these Deadly Envelopes, occupy their bodies, and significantly expand your knowledge of different combat mastery. The stronger your bond becomes with each casing, the better you can take advantage of its innate skills.

Iron sharpens iron
Combat is strategic and reasoned. You only have to rely on your sword when a window opens. Calculate your parades to unleash devastating counterattacks. Create upgrades, soak your blade with acid and study the dark arcane abilities that inflys your attacks of supernatural devastation.

Take on eerie enemies
Your path is manned by ruthless adversaries, devoted to inscrutable deities. Come across despicable and grotesque creatures, but don't let fear stand in your way. Be brave and face them.

MX Video - Mortal Shell