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An Overpass trailer shows us the gameplay of the game

Nacon today released a new trailer for the Overpassoff-road simulator, in which developers Zordix explains the features behind the game's gameplay, on the two types of track available: Obstacle Race and Hillclimb.

In the Obstacle Race, the challenge will be to overcome the most difficult obstacles, whether natural or artificial, in the shortest possible time. This will require careful use of the accelerator, a careful choice on how and where to place the wheels for the best possible grip, and effective use of the differential, to avoid getting stuck in complicated situations. Many options and choices will be available to the player, and the best will always depend on several factors: the vehicle, the terrain, the damage suffered by the vehicle and the driving style of the driver. For Hillclimbmode, the goal will be to find an ideal route to get to the top of the hill. Usually between the base and the top the distance is relatively small, but the path to the top will be full of pits. Learning to analyze the terrain will become essential to successfully reach the summit.

In this off-road simulation, the challenge will be to tackle extreme routes behind the wheel of bugs and quads of the major brands. In many different online and local gaming modes, the user will have to learn to compete on all types of terrain, overcome the most treacherous obstacles and cope with any damage to the vehicle to triumph in this challenging off-road challenge.

Overpass is expected on February 27; now we leave you to the trailer, have good viewing!

MX Video - Overpass