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Ninja Theory Announces Project: MARA, the most realistic and accurate horror experience possible

Just over a month afterthe announcement of Senua's Saga: Hellblade II,we didn't expect the announcement of a new game from Xbox Game Studios so soon, much less from the developer, Ninja Theory. And instead the British studio wanted to amaze everyone today by announcing Project: MARA,an interesting new horror narrative experience that aims to disrupt the mechanics of storytelling in video games.

Project: MARA comes with a teaser trailer showing a luxurious modern home rendered in an ultra-realistic way (ray tracing?), before moving on to the distressing images of a woman in distress and some computer screens that seem to speak of a mental pathology that causes the creation of imaginary mental constructs, the cause of a huge terror.

The developers explain that Project: MARA is an experimental title that aims to present itself as a new medium for storytelling: the game will propose a more realistic and accurate reproduction of the horrors of the mind,also obtained thanks to real experiences and research in the field. The title will be set in one location and will have a single character,and the developers think it will be the first step towards a new way of telling stories in video games.

Together with the mental health research and development project, The Insight Project,and the long-awaited Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, Project: MARA is the third new title that the 120-person Ninja Theory studio is working on. We don't know when it's scheduled for release, but we expect it to arrive on Xbox Series X as well as, perhaps, also on Xbox One; it is not excluded however that it can be a PC/VR project, unfortunately there is little information at the moment.

Now we'll leave you in the agonizing trailer: good viewing!

MX Video - Project: MARA