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Red Dead Redemption 2: Photo mode is now available on Xbox One

If you loved the beautiful sun-drenched grasslands and snow-capped mountains of Red Dead Redemption 2,from today you can capture them as real photographers, with the possibility to apply various effects and then share them onthe Social Club : Rockstar has in fact announced that, with the release of the latest update of the game, has finally been introduced the Photo Mode on Xbox One, after it was introduced on the PC version of the game and a month after the arrival of the same on PS4.

The update also introduces other new features, and we'll list it below:

  • 3 Bounty Hunter Missions of History
  • 2 Lwarves of History
  • 2 Maps of the Treasure of History
  • History Mission "At the Edge of the Earth"
  • 4 New Weapons in History
  • 7 New Breeds of Horses in History
  • 5 New Hidden Amulets in History