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Console streaming is now also available in Italy: a first step towards xCloud

After testing it in the US and UK, Microsoft announced that from today the Console Streamingpreview, which allows us to use our Xbox One as a streaming server to be able to play our titles on smartphones wherever we are, is finally available in all countries, including Italy. This is not the xCloud test,which involves streaming from Microsoft servers, but it is a first step in that direction in our country as well.

To use this feature, you must be an Xbox Insider and be enrolled in one of the preview ring,via the app on your console (search for "Xbox Insider" in the Store to install it); You'll then have to download the Xbox Game Streaming (preview) Android app to your smartphone or tablet (for now iOS is not supported, but we hope it will become in the future) and then, with smartphones and consoles in front you'll have to run the wizard that will allow you to pair the two devices to play.

Part of the process is also verifying your home network connection:streaming will take place from your console, so you need an upload bandwidth of at least 4.6 Mbps, an open or moderate NAT and a low ping. If you pass these tests, you'll be ready to try this new feature, waiting for the arrival of xCloud.

Finally, in order for you to use this feature, the console must be turned off in the fast boot so that you can "wake up" every time you want to play, while the controller you use must have Bluetooth support,in order to hook up to your smartphone/tablet. So both the first Xbox One controllers and the first Elite Controller won't be usable, while controllers coming out of Xbox One S onwards and The Elite 2 are compatible.

And if you are looking for controller support for your Smartphone,on Amazon you will find all models and prices! Have fun!