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The Surge 2: Kraken expansion arrives on January 16, along with the game's Premium Edition

Focus Home today announced that the new Krakenexpansion will arrive in The Surge 2 on January 16, adding a new storyline with lots of new content including environments, weapons, equipment and armor. The DLC will see us explore the VBS Krakow, a huge disarmament aircraft carrier converted into a home for rich and famous people, but there's only battle robots, crazy security systems and a massive boss.

The DLC will be included in the game's Season Pass, or can be purchased for free. The publisher also announced that, along with the release of the expansion, the game's Platinum Edition will also arrive in stores, which includes all of the DLCs released so far including Kraken.

Now we'll leave you to the Kraken presentation trailer: good viewing!

MX Video - The Surge 2