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Xbox Series X: Here's the size of your console

The announcement of the Xbox Series X,known so far as Project Scarlett, took everyone by surprise not only because it wasn't expected to take place at an event like The Game Awards, but also for the console's very shape, a kind of wide-base monolith that owes this shape to the particular cooling system with a large fan that covers the entire section of the console and throws out all the air in a silent manner.

The shape of the console has worried some who think it will not enter the normal multimedia furniture in which they have held their consoles so far, although this can also be placed horizontally: so let's figure out what the actual dimensions of Xbox Series Xare.

Thanks to the images spread so far, we can make proportions using as a touch meter the controller (which however seems to be slightly smaller than the current one) and the USB port in the lower right corner, which has a standard size. Using these elements as a reference and relating them to the rest of the console, we find that the newborn Microsoft home has a base (if held vertically) of 16x16 cm, with a height of 31cm. This means that if you want to place it horizontally in the compartment of some furniture, it will have to be at least 16cm high and offer a width of at least 40cm to allow a proper recirculation of air.

Another interesting fact is that, with these measurements, the console has almost twice the volume ofthe current Xbox One X : 7936 cubic centimeters for the Series X against the 4320 of the One X. We are therefore very curious to find out how Microsoft has "filled" this volume!