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Everwild is in pre-production with 50 people, information about the project managers

Announced during the X019's Inside Xbox, Rare Everwild's new third-person adventure has amazed everyone with its fascinating artistic design and the promise of a vast natural world populated by fantastic and magical creatures. But when will the game come, and which and how many Rare employees are working on it? The British website VGC shed light on these questions in a chat with Rare: here is all the information.

First we find out that the title is currently in the pre-productionphase, so the actual development has not started yet but the team is making prototypes and designing the game mechanics before starting with the actual production. At this stage 50 people are involved among designers, artists and technicians, but Rare plans to greatly increase the size of the team once we move on to the actual production. This makes us understand, however, probably, the title will not see the light of day until 2022 predicting at least 3 years of development.

As for the game's steering team, it had already been announced during The Inside Xbox that the executive producer is Louise O'Connor,a veteran Rare who has previously worked on Conker's Bad Fur Day and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts,but now we also discover the involvement of Ryan Stevenson,former artistic director of Sea of Thieves and Viva Pinata,as Art Director of the new title. Stevenson is joined by Creative Director Simon Woodroffe (formerly Creative Director of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for SEGA), while Sea of Thieves lead programmer Pete Campbell is the game's Technical Director. The story and narrative of the title, on the other hand, is curated by Senior Narrative Designer Kate Watson,formerly author of the Total War in Creative Assembly series.

In short, to play this interesting title we will have to wait quite a while, but it seems that it is in very good hands: we can't wait to learn more!