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Batman and Gotham City arrive in Fortnite for Batman Day

Today is Batman Day,a day celebrating the80th anniversary of the Dark Knight's birth; In addition to celebrations in major cities around the world, Epic Games is also celebrating the event in the hugely popular Fortnite battle royale with a Batman-themed update.

At 3pm today the American house has in fact activated in the game the event Fortnite X Batman,which sees the introduction in the game map of an area that replicates the streets and palaces of the famous Gotham City,as well as a large amount of elements (obviously for a fee) for Batman and Catwoman,from the expensive bat-man costume kit (19.99 Euros) to the cheapest beacon for the bat-signal that any player can carry with them.

The new content will be available for purchase until 6 October; Below is a trailer and a set of images that show us in detail.

MX Video - Fortnite