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Capcom reveals The gameplay of Project Resistance, Closed Beta coming soon

At TGS 2019 Capcom has finally revealed the mechanics of Project Resistance,with a video that confirms what was previously leaked: we are facing an asymmetrical multiplayertitle, in which four Survivors - each with their own skills and distinctive features - will only be able to leave a Raccoon City facility infested with zombies and other monsters if they can collaborate effectively with each other.

But unlike other titles of this kind, where the fifth player plays a very powerful monster, this time the additional player will play the role of "Mastermind", an evil mind that from his director's room places zombies, lickers and others creatures in the playing area, turn off the lights and activate several offensive systems, until you can directly control the zombies or, probably once you reach a certain level, the terrifying Mr. X,the Tyrant.

These are the official features of the game:

  • Goal:Survivors will win if they complete areas within a certain time limit.
    Mastermind will get the win if he can prevent the Survivors from escaping.

    The game sees Mastermind and Survivors fighting for more time and completing their respective objectives.

  • Mastermind:Kidnapyoung boys with the purpose of collecting data.
    By putting them in front of desperate situations, mastermind aims to collect valuable data on how subjects react to fear. However, he does not confront the Survivors directly, but observes them through security cameras and installs all kinds of traps to prevent them from escaping.
  • Survivors:A group of boys belonging to different realities, captured by the Umbrella and used as guinea pigs in terrible experiments.
    They have only one goal: to escape. Survivors must use their skills to help each other and eliminate the creatures. Being able to cooperate and coordinate are two vital qualities to survive and succeed.
  • Cameras: The Mastermind can observe the actions of the Survivors through the cameras positioned throughout the structure.
  • Complete Areas: Completing various objectives, such as obtaining specific items, Survivors will be able to advance to the next area. Once they have passed three areas, they will win their freedom.
  • Cards: The Mastermind can use cards to place traps or creatures in the layer or arm cameras to attack Survivors.
  • Limit time and re-entry: When a Survivor suffers too much damage, he will then be close to death: in this state he will no longer be able to move freely, but can be rescued by a teammate. If he doesn't get rescued in time, he's going to die. Later, the Survivor will be back in the game, but will lose precious seconds.
  • Creatures:Mastermind can take control of the zombies and tyrant to attack the Survivors.
  • Skills:Every Survivor has special abilities: damage reduction, healing, melee attacks, and hacker skills. Use your talents effectively and escape with your teammates.

The Japanese company has also announced that the title will be testable in a Closed Beta that will take place from October 4 to 7 and in which members of the Xbox Insider program will be able to participate, with a causal draw. program. You can find more information on this page.

Now we'll leave you to the gameplay trailer, which explains the features of the title: good viewing!

MX Video - Project Resistance