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DOOM Eternal illustrates BATTLEMODE mode in an Italian movie

Bethesda today released the Italian version, complete with subtitles in our language, of the 6-minute movie that illustrates the features of DOOMEternal's BATTLEMODE mode, designed to create frantic 2 vs 1 battles.

This mode will see us fight in six different arenas with the option to choose from 5 demons, while additional maps and demons will be added for free after launch. Here we can play as a tooth-armed DOOM Slayer or a team of two demons, controlled by as many players. The goal of the Demons and Slayer will be to destroy the opposing faction, but the play styles between the two factions will be totally different.

You can learn more about this mode in the following movie, as we remind you that DOOM Eternal is out on November 22. Have a good look!

MX Video - DOOM Eternal