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Greedfall returns to show with a dev diary dedicated to RPG elements

Focus Home Interactive has today released a new dev diary subtitled in Italian for the GreedFallfantasy-pirate RPG, in which the rPG systems of the title are deepened; The Spiders game will provide us with a great deal of customizations for our character, allowing us to choose between equipment, spells, different methods of approach to missions and social skills.

All of these elements will also be part of the countless factions and different characters in the game, each with their own objectives and plans. Our companions will have their own way of thinking and formulate opinions on all our choices, so bringing the wrong person to a given mission could have disastrous but equally spectacular consequences.

The game also includes a very deep crafting system that will give us total freedom of choice about what to create and how to equip our character. You can also customize every single element of a weapon, from the aesthetic aspect to its stats, allowing us to create a variety of style combinations. Every hilt, blade, handle or gun will be fully customizable.

We leave you to the movie, reminding you that GreedFall is expected on September 10th.

MX Video - GreedFall