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Hitman 2: A bank in New York is the first additional location of the Expansion Pass

Warner Bros. Pictures and IO Interactive have announced that tomorrow, June 25, Will arrive TheBank, the first new location of the Expansion Pass (or Expansion Pack 1) of Hitman 2 that will introduce a huge and secure Bank of New York that will be the backdrop to a new campaign mission as well as new challenges and more.

The new content will also include a progression system that will allow us to unlock new starting points in maps, agency items, tools or weapons for our inventory. In addition, players will be able to unlock a new coat for Agent 47 (The New Yorker) along with Bartoli 12G, a customizable shotgun, and other additional items, all that can also be transported in other different environments and missions.

The new setting is shown to us in a trailer subtitled in Italian, which we propose below: good viewing!

MX Video - Hitman 2