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Crystal Dynamics dispels Some doubts about Marvel's Avengers: Single player or co-op?

After the announcement of Marvel's Avengers, the new action-adventure dedicated to the most famous Marvel heroes arriving on May 15, 2020, Crystal Dynamics intervened during the E3 to answer one of the main doubts of the players. So far there has been talk of a playable title in cooperative with new quests that will be added over time, as if it were some sort of Destiny or Anthem, but is it really so?

It's not really like that. The developers have indeed explained that not only the title will be playable offline, but that the main campaign will be exclusively single player, seeing us take control of the various Avengers based on the situations. The story will follow in turn the point of view of the different heroes, thus putting us in the shoes of each of them; We won't be able to decide to move from one character to another. Crystal Dynamics also explained that it will be a campaign to link to the truce of those views in Tomb Raider or Uncharted, where the player follows a predefined story.

To this will be added, however , the secondary missions, playable on their own (even offline) and co-op: These will still be linked to the main story and will see us face different situations in the company of other players, controlling the Various Avengers. The game will prevent us from creating teams where more players control the same Avenger, so forget about creating teams from all the Hulk or all Iron Man. These secondary missions will increase over time by adding new scenarios from the developers.

In short, lovers of cinematic and story-driven adventures should not worry; Looks like it's exactly what Crystal Dynamics is aiming for.

We close the news with an interesting gem: if you want to try to catch a glimpse of the gameplay of the title, here you find a long gameplay leaked DALL'E3, unfortunately bad quality.