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A trailer for the story of the RPG GreedFall, arrives in September

In view of E3 Focus Home Interactive has published a trailer dedicated to the history of the RPG of French Spiders Greedfall, which from September will immerse us in a historical setting but full of magic and fantasy elements. The new title, explain the developers, will exalt the freedom of action and the choices of the player, allowing us to forge our own destiny.

The trailer introduces us to the epic story and setting of Greedfall, where colonizers, mercenaries and treasure hunters leave the old continent to converge on an island of Magic power – which is said to be hiding huge riches and secrets Lost. Desperate for a cure to save your continent of origin from a disastrous epidemic, you will find yourself in the midst of ever-increasing tensions between the invading colonizers and the local natives protected by supernatural guardians, demonstrations Of the magic of the island.

You will be able to progress and complete the missions successfully by choosing from a multitude of different approaches. Whether you decide to use combat, diplomacy or deception, the way you reach your goal will depend solely on your choices and how you decide to develop your character. The island of play present in Greedfall is a living world and in constant evolution. All your actions – from seemingly more futile choices to more important political decisions – will influence the course of this evolution and ultimately shape your history.

We leave you to the movie: Good Vision!

MX Video - GreedFall