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The action-RPG online and F2P Dauntless arrives on May 21; New images

Phoenix Labs announced that in an exact week, the 21st of May, the special free-to-Play Dauntlessaction-RPG online will come to our consoles, allowing us to immerse ourselves in its colourful fantasy worlds. In the game we will play, along with the other players, the Slayer, hunters of the monstrous Behemoth who are devouring the world.

The game will see us tackle difficult cooperative battles and create lethal weapons and powerful armor as we forge our legend as Slayer of Ramsgate. Developers promise, after launch, regular updates, seasonal events, new Behemoth and much more in a rich and ever-evolving world.

We now leave you to a set of new images that show us the particular graphic style of the game. Good vision!