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Milestone reveals the latest in MotoGP 19 multiplayer

Milestone revealed today the ways in which the MotoGP 19 multiplayer compartment will be improved over the past, Primarily dedicated servers that will always ensure optimum player experience, but the title multiplayer reserves Other news too. Let's see them set below.

Dedicated servers powered by GameLift
The first step in improving the quality of MotoGP's Multiplayer Experience™ 19 was to use, for the first time in the history of Milestone games, dedicated servers for online game management. As in any Multiplayer game, in fact, the network infrastructure is critical to ensure the reliability and stability that players need in order to compete in the best possible way. The adoption of dedicated servers allows you to have a low latency, for more fluid races and without those laggy that could compromise the performance during a race.

Michele Caletti, Milestone's Producer, commented "when it comes to online Multiplayer, racing games are among the most demanding in terms of bandwidth and ping time. They must in fact reproduce in a network environment, the frantic action of the cars that whizzing to more than 300 km/h, where the accuracy in collisions and in the position of the opponents is fundamental. Thanks to the dedicated GameLift servers, the fluctuations in the ping time and the problems deriving from the band differences of the participants in the game are now only a distant memory. All players can finally challenge themselves to equal weapons. "

"Amazon helps developers think big and make even bigger games, we're really happy that Milestone decided to rely On GameLift for His MotoGP™ 19" Jen MacLean's commentary, Worldwide Head of Business Development of Amazon Game Tech. "Gamelift helps developers achieve stable, reliable and low-latency Multiplayer."

Public Lobby, Private Lobby and Race Director Mode
In MotoGP 19 , you can scroll through the list of public lobbies to find the game that best suits your needs or, thanks to Private lobbies, create a fully customizable grand Prix to compete with friends only.

Along with Private lobbies, Milestone introduced, for the first time in the series, the race Director mode, which will handle every aspect of competitions among friends. The race director can decide at his own pace what race sessions to include in the challenge, as well as deciding in which weather conditions the participants will face.

During the race will have the ability to assign penalties in case of improper behavior on the track, just as happens during a real Grand Prix of MotoGP™. Thanks to the role of TV Director, will also have the complete management of the game cameras, to be always in the heart of the action and manage in complete autonomy the direction of their livestream.

The novelties introduced this year for the Multiplayer mode of MotoGP 19, loudly demanded by the community of fans of the game, are a further confirmation of the importance that the feedback of the community have had in the process of development of game.

We now leave you to the trailer that illustrates these news and a new set of images, reminding you that MotoGP 19 is expected for June 6. Good vision!

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