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Warner Bros. and Turtle Rock Studios announce the FPS Co-op zombesco Back 4 Blood

Warner Bros. and Turtle Rock Studios, famous for having created the series of Left 4 Dead, have announced the new FPS co-op Zombesco back 4 Blood, which the team itself defines as "designed from scratch as an original AAA title".

Back 4 Blood arrives after ten years from the release of Left 4 Dead 2, and collects the experience of Turtle Rock Studios matured in all this time to realize a game with new features and with an innovative multiplayer gameplay. We could then define it as a kind of spiritual sequel to the original title developed for Valve.

At the moment the information on Back 4 Blood is very scarce and fragmentary, but the development team anticipates the very first details stating that the title will have a campaign and PVP, but there is no mode in Battle Royalestyle.

The information stops here, but we invite you to stay tuned for more details on this new title whose premises seem decidedly interesting.