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Digital curves brings us back to the first GTA with the game open world American Fugitive

Which one of you remembers the very first Grand Theft Auto with a view from above? Surely they remind them of curves Digital and the independent studio Fallen Tree Games, which with their title open world American Fugitive offer us a very similar view even if you turn to the "isometric" with a 3d engine that renders the whole.

The title plunges us into an American citizen of the years ' 80, and sees us impersonating a little good wedged, however, for the murder of his father, for which he is not responsible. The story will then break out of prison and then seek our revenge to the true culprit of the murder, all in an open world in which we can move at will, both on foot and on board vehicles, and where we can of course use a Great variety of weapons.

The game is expected for the end of the year, but you can already have a taste in the following movie and screenshots attached. Good vision!

MX Video - American Fugitive