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Red Dead Online: improvements to the lobby of arms race, gold bonuses and new features coming

Rockstar gives an update on the progress of the Beta of Red Dead Online , multiplayer Red Dead Redemption 2, collecting feedback from players and making the first improvements in arms race, new recently introduced mode, where they encountered matchmaking issues, some of which were solved temporarily. At the moment so Rockstar is working to adopt permanent resolutions that should help get more populated lobby, and fix other aspects in future updates.

Arms race is a battle royale in western style for up to 32 players , to play in teams or free-for-all: players are in a battlefield that shrinks continuously and can harness horses for move quickly. Arms race allows you to obtain weapons such as pistols Mauser , shotguns, explosive, incendiary bottles and arrows or rare breastplates like Ned Kelly (which protects against blows to the head) to survive longer.

The team is also working on a large number of fixes, changes and improvements based on the feedback received by players such as the proximity of players icons , changes to truces with faster access at feuds, improvements to the system of law and sizes to discourage harassment, new dynamics Free Roam among bounty hunters and villains, daily challenge with rewards in gold nuggets and more. These and other improvements will be included in an update planned for the coming months.

Eventually Rockstar rewards once again players for their support and confidence in us during the Beta , with 5 gold bars for those who will play during this weekend and until tomorrow January 27; the expected bonus will then be delivered to your account by Tuesday, January 29 .