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The 1-Shot Demo of Resident Evil 2 is now available; download it by the end of the month

Please note that, as announced, this morning is finally available on the Games Store the 1-Shot Demo of Resident Evil 2 , which will allow us to test the first minutes the long-awaited remake of Capcom. The term " 1-Shot Demo " is to emphasize the uniqueness of this demo: the demo is playable only once and for a maximum of 30 minutes , so you get a single short session to begin to evaluate the game.

It's up to you to decide how to exploit this little time: rush pass levels trying to resist as much as possible to see as many possible scenarios, or explore with calm and attention the first areas?

Please note that the demo, weighing about 7 GB, will remain available on the Store only until January 31 , after which it will be removed. Good download and enjoy!