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Rumor: Next Call of Duty will be a Modern Warfare

In the three-year rotation of studies leading the Call of Duty series, this year will be up to the new episode of the series developed by Infinity Ward, creators of the series; But what it will be? Now the senior communication manager of the firm Ashton Williams posted a tweet that contains an animation that has led many to think that the CoD this year will be Modern Warfare 4 .

This is because the animation, portraying a skull with bright eyes accompanied by a disturbing effect video, recalls the character of MW2 Simon "Ghost" Riley, who wore a hood on her face/mask with the image of a skull. Others had thought that the reference could also be on the Call of Duty series: Ghosts, but the American journalist Jason Schreier has denied explaining that there will be no Ghosts 2 , so now all suspects are pointed towards a Modern Warfare 4 .

This rumor is added to another previous indiscretion, dating from the second half of 2018, he wanted just Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 be the next title in the series. This time the title, unlike Black Ops 4 , should include a single player campaign in addition to the standard CoD multiplayer experience, a zombie survival mode and possibly a new version Battle Royale mode Blackout.

We just have to wait for new: we will keep you updated.