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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is updated with the Update #3: here are all the news

PUBG Corp announces that this morning was released the version 1.0 of #3 Update PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for Xbox One, which includes several new features including the recently announced skin by Joker and Harley Quinn, but also the new Supply System and custom games . Here are the list of the most important, alongside the usual set of fixes and performance enhancements.

  • Supply System -the update introduces a new rewards system that sees us gain experience points by spending time playing (IE more abide in the match and earn more XP; it will gain even after being dead if you continue to observe fellow students, but in this case, the points will be halved) and by completing specific missions that will change both daily which once a week (eg. do tot damage to enemies, gangmates a number of times, then it kills shotgut tot, etc). With these points we will climb to level and, everytime we do, we will achieve a temporary object; every ten levels instead there will be given a permanent award.
  • Skins and objects you will find a new tab "trick" tagged as "appearance", and the Store now allows you to purchase tips and hairstyles.
  • Joker and Harley Quinn -these were added two new skins under license, which can be used freely in the match after having purchased them. This is for skin bundle the clothes and weapons (such as the crowbar can be re-skinned as Harley Poker) and makeup face and hair, that will allow us to become identical to two DC villain.
  • Custom match -you can now create a custom game by setting modes of play, number of players, team sizes and other parameters. You can also set a password for accessing the match so as to ensure that they enter only players allowed. Every custom game must have at least 10 players and the lobby waiting area can have a maximum duration of two hours.

We leave you now with some images showing these improvements.