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Battlefield V: revealed the first eight maps available at launch

Through a video posted on its official YouTube profile, SAYS today announced and shown briefly on the first eight maps that will accompany our multiplayer adventure within the upcoming Battlefield V . Doing jump ahead chronologically, the title aims to tell us about some of the battles of World War II.

Set in North Africa, Hamada is the first map we are told the features; This, the Narrator informs us, will be the largest map of the game at launch, full of narrow, steep canyon. Aerodrome , also set in North Africa, lies within and around an abandoned airport. Twisted Steel , is set in France and has a marshy surmounted by an impressive steel bridge, the largest structure ever built in a Battlefield, which will open the front of the battle over it and in the underlying environment.

Arras is located in the North of France, set in a wedge between the English channel and Belgian borders, which incorporates the site of one of the first battles of the second world war; Arras is set in leftover trench left by the great war and has a central Church, to which we must be very careful because they can conceal from our sight enemy snipers. Rotterdam is the first of two maps set in the current second city of the Netherlands and is suitable for urban combat while Devastation focuses on combat between infantry, presenting a version devastated by conflicts the city of Rotterdam.

There are two maps set in Norway: Narvik evokes the landscapes and the feelings of the eve of the German invasion of 1940 and presents a classic clash of the series, with a combined use of all equipment available. Fjell 652 presents high mountain peaks, which will change, sometimes on my way to limit visibility, as a result of changes in the weather; in this map the clash will take place mainly on building rich soil, but also the conflict will be given space plane.

Please note that Battlefield V will be released globally for Xbox One on 20 November.

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