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A video shows us the gameplay of Twin Mirror

On the occasion of the Paris Games Week 2018 , Bandai Namco takes us into the world of Twin Mirror , showing us the gameplay of its developing thriller at French studies Dontnod Entertainment. What you'll see at the bottom of the news, is an in-game footage taken from the first of the three episodes that has smeared the title story, Lost On Arrival .

Awoken in his hotel room in Basswood, West Virginia, where he was returned to give a last farewell to his best friend, Sam Higgs, finds himself the shirt she was wearing the day before that has been soaked in blood. Recommended and, at times, at odds with his alter ego The Double (twice), Sam is tasked to investigate the surroundings to reconstruct what happened, even with the help of his brilliant skill memory and display deductive reasoning, that do come and go continuously-to be able to better analyze the elements of the real world-by her imaginary world, the Mind Palace (Palace).

Twin Mirror will arrive during the Xbox One ; enjoy!

MX Video - Twin Mirror