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The new update of PUBG adds the training map, skins of Halloween and other news

PUBG Corp informs us of having updated this morning PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with Update #2 1.0 version of the game, by adding several interesting innovations. First we find the addition of Training Mode , a quick map of 2 x 2 km in which the novices of the game can experiment with the mechanics together with others, up to a maximum of 20 players per match.

The lobby waiting area of the Training Mode will try to fill the map with 20 players, but if there are at least 5 available players the match will begin anyway by allowing others to get the fly in 5 minutes.

The update also introduces new assault rifles, the MK47 Mutant and Beryl M762, two new vintage vehicles for the map Sanhok, the scooter and the Tukshai Bee-like, in addition to a series of halloween themed skins available in the store until 20 November.

Add to that the usual number of improvements to the gameplay and the game interface that come with every update of the title. You can read the complete list, in English, in this page , while you can find some images related to news of the upgrade.