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PUBG: the War Mode comes the 21, temporary downgrade on Xbox One X

PUBG Corp has recently posted a new update on development plans for the Xbox version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds , just exit the Game Preview due to achievement of version 1.0. Two of the most important new features coming in the game: the first concerns the new mode War Mode , scheduled for September 21.

War Mode is none other than the removal of features Battle Royale of the game in favor of a kind of classic team deathmatch: in this mode, which will be available only during specific weekend, the map will shrink constantly and after being killed we can be reborn from aircraft that will fly over the map regularly casting. Each player will receive points for kills, kills and healing of the companions, and will win the team that will reach the target score or what, in the end of time, will have the highest score.

Another new feature, which will be discussed, is the temporary downgrade the Xbox One X in the game since 18 September. The developers explained that, because of the many complaints of players by now tired of playing with mixed performance, the 18 will release a patch that will lower some graphic settings (quality of the shadows, lighting, reflections, etc.) on the X, thus improving the overall performance of the game. This, they explain, is only a temporary measure until the team doesn't work the necessary optimizations, whereupon the graphics settings will again be increased.