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THERE Games Announces Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts

The Polish developer THERE Games announced today Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts , fourth episode of the series of tactical shooter with a high level of sniping this time will bring us in the wilds of Siberia, introducing the new system of game of Contracts .

The game, arriving in 2019, will have both single player and multiplayer mode and will step back compared to the open world of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 introducing the missions-the Contracts , in fact-in specific locations in which we will have anyway full freedom of movement and that will allow us to earn money (growable completing secondary objectives each contract). Each mission is repeatable several times and be addressed in different ways, to allow us to earn more money; the system devised by CI Games looks very similar then as the last Hitman .

For now it has not been shown anything of the game besides an image of presentation which vedede up high; imagine that during the Gamescom, scheduled for next week, will be revealed and shown more than Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts .