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The expansion pack for The Sims 4 "Dogs and Cats" has a release date

Electronic Arts today announced that the downloadable package Dogs & Cats of The Sims 4 will be available for Xbox One as from 31 December 2018 . With this expansion, you will get the tool Creates an animal , a new world and all the dogs and cats that your Sim will be able to manage.

With the addition of the instrument Creates an animal in The Sims 4 , there will be a thousand different ways to customize your dog or cat, colors, races and much more. You can have fun with colors, creating a "Rainbow cat".

With this expansion, moreover, you will get Brindleton Bay, the perfect place for both Sims for pets.

But not only: there is one more thing. Something ... "scary"! Exploring a wetland and foggy near the lighthouse, you might find a pet cemetery . And after dark, it is said that the ghost dogs and cats turn around there, looking for new friends. If you see one, approach with caution, say hello and try to adopt it!

If you are looking for puppies and kittens adorable, the expansion The Sims 4 Dogs & Cats is the one for you!