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Phil Spencer reiterates the importance of backward compatibility, also for future hardware

When Phil Spencer announced two years ago the then Project Scorpio , now Xbox One X , explained that Microsoft wanted to not "leave no man behind," and for this not only the console would be compatible with all Xbox One games but this philosophy would be carried forward for future hardware.

Now the head of Microsoft's Gaming Division reiterated the concept explaining on Twitter that, with so many games supported by huge gaming community, fragmenting these community with launch of new hardware is a huge challenge, explaining then that to improve things you can learn from the PC world, where games also support older hardware, giving you the choice of where to play players, rather than impose a forced change of hardware.

Spencer has also added he learned a lot from Xbox One X and as both players that developers have responded to the new console, explaining that this will have a great impact on the future plans of the company.

This, in a nutshell, it means that Microsoft sees as positive the total compatibility with the past model introduced with the new console, and that's probably when you get a " Xbox Next " this too will play with all current titles, While games for the new console will be playable on current ones, obviously with lower performance.

Xbox 360 and the Xbox One backwards towards the first Xbox is one of the features that distinguishes the Microsoft platform, and gave great satisfaction to the players by allowing them to play again-often with visible graphical improvements- titles in their possession without having to spend more money on remaster and porting. It is so good to know that this policy will now continue with the next console the company, allowing us to continue to leverage our library of games even when we move to more powerful hardware.