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Milestone takes us between Earth and mud with MXGP PRO

Milestone announced that on 29 June will arrive on our console GAME PRO , new edition of the series dedicated to motocross; the title will include all pilots, all tracks and the official content of the season MXGP 2017, introducing a new " mechanical approach " in the series, allowing players to make several mechanical changes to your motorcycle.

The title will make it possible to adjust each parameter of our bike race after race, so you always have the best vehicle for each competition. Developers explain also that the "PRO" of the title refers to a completely new approach riding feeling with these items:

  • A setup from bike which will operate manually on the suspension, the brakes or throttle mapping, based on real values;
  • A realistic approach to physics, to allow players to recreate the spectacular movements of the rider, as well as a new system of grips, of collusion and control in air;
  • The movements of the rider integrate with their bikes with a plot surprisingly responsive to every variation, into play like the real thing;

Milestone has partnered with riders like Tim Gajser, Tony Cairoli and Gautier Paulin, who helped the team achieve a high level of realism in the game. The nine-time world champion Cairoli has given her advice on how to make the most of the grid and how to brake with precision; Tim Gajser, two world titles won, dealt with the whip, scrun and whoops, and Gautier Paulin has handled curves and movements in the wet, to take the most challenging curves and speed control the bike.

The result of these collaborations is the new Physics PRO game, which incorporates the requests of players like whippare freely and realistically, gain more control of the motorcycle in midair, the presence of grooves in influencing guidance and control of clutch for super fast departures. The developers promise even more realism also strong thanks to many other features like landings after jumps much more faithful to reality, suspension that really influencing driveability and more instability of the bike on uneven ground.

Greater importance will also this year the Compound , with even larger space in which to train to improve their driving skills and abilities and where test freely the most varying conditions, from flat to rough terrain. It's a great workout area to explore freely, without time limit, where we'll spend hours honing our skills on various soil conditions, the smoother and more compact until more slippery. Also here 30 different challenges will enable us to learn little by little all the basic techniques and advanced of motocross.

The game will be sold in both physical and Digital Edition at the price of 69.99 Euro; We leave you now to announce trailer and to a set of images that show us the graphics of the game.