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Battlefield 1: campaigns Operations coming in November and first details of the DLC Turning Tides

Originally scheduled for October, how Campaigns Operations of Battlefield 1 will be available in early November and will see players starring in front clashes between attackers and defenders on multiple maps with the possibility to receive, in the event of positive conclusion, a special Battlepack code .

The first campaign operation available will be called Eastern Assault and joins together the two operations of Battlefield 1 present in the previous DLC In the Name of the Tsar: Brusilov offensive and red tide . Eastern assault will be accessible to holders of Premium Pass (or the expansion In the Name of the Tsar). Late November is expected fall of Empires , a combination of iron Walls and conquer hell , both from the base game, while still later will be introduced to other campaigns.

HE SAYS some details of move third DLC called Turning Tides that will be available in December and anticipates that the last expansion Apocalypse will come out at the beginning of 2018 . In Turning Tides will see the player committed to dominate sea, sky and Earth but attention will be more focused on naval engagements: we will inter alia address the Zeebrugge raid and the Gallipoli offensive , Thanks to the British Royal Marines which can be used as a new playable faction. The new DLC coming will finally Battlefield 1 of new vehicles, maps, weapons, and other content.

To date both Campaigns Operations that the DLC 's upcoming turn out without a definite date of issue; Please continue to stay tuned for further details.