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Available the new Creation Club of Fallout 4

Bethesda has announced, during the day today, the Creation Club of Fallout 4 , a collection of entirely new content and fully compatible with the main game and the DLC officers and created by Bethesda Game Studios in collaboration with external partners. The Creation Club includes a number of enrichment that will implement your gaming experience within the world of Fallout 4 : we will find in fact new armor including the Inferno or power armor you can wear, directly from the universe of Prey, the suit belonged to Morgan Yu , weapons like the Gauss rifle prototype, new places to visit, new enemies and characters until you get additional gameplay and skill I have ever felt.

Bethesda also provides all users with 100 Credits to spend through the contents of the Creation Club . Over time the content will become more and more numerous making Fallout 4 a title evolving and capable of holding the player once again glued to the screen and able to give endless hours of fun.

The Creation Club will be a component that will be posted next month for Skyrim Special Edition.