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505 Games Announces the arrival of ABZÛ on Xbox One in January

ABZÛ , the adventure game set in the deep ocean, created and developed by Giant Squid and published by 505 Games, will also be available on Xbox One digitally and packaged during the month of January 2017, after having already been published on PS4 and PC. The game will cost 19.99 € and the physical release will offer several exclusive wallpapers for Xbox One.

From the makers of Journey and Flower, ABZÛ is a beautiful undersea adventure that evokes the dream of diving. You can dive into a heaving sea world, full of mysteries and flooded with color and life, and do graceful acrobatics in the shoes of a female diver, using the elegant swimming commands.

You can see hundreds of particular species, based on real creatures, form an extraordinary relationship with abundant marine life and interact with thousands of fish benches that react procedurally to your actions, to those of other fish and predators.

AB means ' water ' and RED SPICE means ' know '. In a nutshell, ABZÛ is the ocean of knowledge.

We leave you with a video that shows us the gameplay followed by the cover of the Xbox One: enjoy!

MX Video - ABZ