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Phil Spencer: the Project price Scorpio will be in line with the standards of the console market

One of the questions that fans are about Project Scorpio -the new Xbox extremely enhanced and "back/forward" incoming compatible at the end of 2017, as price that the console will: Microsoft explained that it will be the most powerful console out there, and the only one capable of supporting the real gaming to 4 k, but this is equivalent to price from medium to high end PC?

Interviewed by New Zealand score from official site, Phil Spencer now responds to this question by explaining that the price of the new console will be in line with those expected generally from (new) games, because the new machine has also been designed to not cost ridiculous figures. Those were his words:

"V edete already today the price of S. When we draw [Xbox One S e Scorpio - ndr] , we did it in parallel. We immediately thought of the kind of price we wanted for Scorpio, in relation to what we could give to s. decided to have a good continuity of prices between the two, so that people do not see them as too far apart from each other because of the price difference. So I think you'll see Scorpio [per quanto riguarda il prezzo - ndt] as a product of high end, high end console and nothing more than that. That's why people shouldn't worry that Scorpio costs more than any other console vista so far. We designed so. "

This clearly does not say exactly how much the console but if anything excludes insane prices by placing it in the range of price ranging between 400 and 500 Euros; It is true that in recent history there has been a PlayStation 3 console launched at EUR 600, but the market failed to reduce that price brutally forcing Sony a few months after launch, so it's unlikely that Microsoft would risk the same way the success of the new console.

For now, however, we know more: probably at E3 in June 2017 will be finally revealed the price-along with the final name and outward appearance-of the new console. And as always MondoXbox will be the best learning site news!