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Horizon force reaches the end of life: will be deleted from the store since October 20

Microsoft today announced that Forza Horizon , the first title of the popular arcade racing series of Playground Games, will no longer appear in the lists of Xbox 360 Marketplace since October 20. The game has reached the " end of life ", a sort of limbo in which will continue to be present for those who have already purchased so it then, but is no longer being sold to new buyers.

This is most likely due to licensing reasons. The game was released in the U.S., and 20 October 23, 2012 we will be close to his fourth birthday; probably in that date expire the licenses for soundtrack and part of the cars available in the game, and the Publisher has probably decided not to renew them by stopping selling the game on the store. Same destiny will receive all the DLC.

Please note that Forza Horizon has just entered among the backwards compatible on the Xbox One and it was free for Gold members until 15 September, so if you had taken on that occasion you can now then as many times as you like.