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The performance of Homefront: The Revolution will improve with the 2.0 update for August

Dambuster Studios announced that the already known poor performance of Homefront: The Revolution , modern warfare released last May 20 FPS on Xbox One will be improved significantly with the PS4 2.0 update in August.

The developer has stated that "although since the launch of the title we released many patches and updates, focusing mostly on the issues and the issue of micro-breaks of saving on consoles, earning some performance improvements, we are still continuing to work on performance that remain the primary focus for our next update 2.0, currently scheduled for the month of August. The update will in fact further and significant improvements to the frame rate, as well as allow you to fix some bugs and reduce the micro-breaks of rescue. "

There remains, therefore, to wait for more information: stay tuned on our airwaves!