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Spencer: Project Scorpio will support different manufacturers of visors VR

In an interview with Wired magazine , Phil Spencer explained that Microsoft is currently planning the development of a dedicated Viewer Project Scorpio, the new console coming up at the end of 2017 that aims to be the most powerful on the market. Spencer explained that Microsoft's approach will be to allow multiple VR area producers to support the console with their viewers.

This means that, at the launch of the console may have a range of viewers to choose from instead of being forced to use an accessory "official": even in this Scorpio is very close to the PC philosophy, departing from those that were world uses console.

Regarding the performance factor, Spencer explained that, talking to all manufacturers of VR, it became clear that to have a virtual reality experience visually in step with today's graphics would serve a power of at least 6 TFLOPS, which is why the company has set itself the target of performance.

Now for the good news about Project Scorpio stop there: stay tuned for more updates!