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A new study by 2 k Games is working on a top-secret clearance and revolutionary

Apparently they wanted to do everything below deck, but were caught with their hands in the Marmalade. Who are we talking about? It's 2 k Games, the publisher of games such as BioShock, Mafia and NBA 2 k, which has recently posted some very interesting job offers.

These speak of a new AAA project realized by a study "has not yet been announced" based in San Francisco. Entering in more detail, the Publisher explains listings to search for " an amazing project, " suggesting that this is a multiplatform title currently in pre-production, going so far as to call it a " top-secret and revolutionary " (the exact term used is genre-shifting , i.e. a game capable of bringing major innovations within its genus).

Currently no official details have been released about it, but with these clues one can only think that it's a new franchise, rather than the continuation of a series already known. Only time will give us the answer. We cannot wait for new information, that will probably not arrive before E3 2015.