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The Castle of Halo Map Pack 4 has a date; info, videos and images

343 Industries has announced that the next Map Pack for Halo 4 , the Castle Map Pack will be available starting April 8 at a cost of 800 MSP; the package will focus on fighting in teams to goals and vehicular combat, introducing three new maps and a new playlist 6 vs. 6, in addition to adding unlockable objectives 9.

These maps present in the package are Daybreak , he sees two bases UNSC conflict in a wide setting asymmetrical, Outcast , a circular map in desert environment designed primarily for battles aboard vehicles and Mantis, and Perdition , that in an urban environment mixture between their vast spaces, vehicles and close-quarter battles.

The new playlist will be called " Castle DLC ", and as already mentioned will be dedicated to 6 against 6 clashes with an emphasis on teamwork and gameplay objectives.

We leave you with a trailer and a set of images showing the new maps.

MX Video - Halo 4