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Far Cry 3: future patches will complement the Master mode and restoring of outposts

Ubisoft has revealed that soon Far Cry 3 will benefit from some interesting additions that increase the longevity of the title. The single-player campaign will be integrated with a new difficulty level called "Master" that will unlock after you finish the story to Adventurer, Survivor or Warrior. It will also add the possibility to reset the outposts. Specifically, when we have completed the main story quest, we will have the opportunity to bring a basis state exactly where they were at the beginning of the game, which is occupied by enemy forces.

As regards, on the other hand, the multiplayer developers will add a menu for the feedback that will express their opinion for a map. Also those who make use of the map editor will be able to try, through the new Beta Test mode, those created before they are officially published. Finally find a filter for finding the simplest of maps created from a specific author: "find other maps by the same author".

We will inform you as soon as we have more precise details on the release date of these new features.