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Del Toro looking for a developer for InSane

Apparently Guillermo del Toro did not at all given up to his trilogy of games called InSane and is looking for a new developer who takes charge. In a recent interview with Kotaku, the Director said that the partner of his dreams would be Valve, which has high esteem both by having cast his latest film Pacific Rim, Ellen McLain GLaDOS, voice of on the Portal.

Del Toro doesn't want to abandon the plan because it feels really nice. For those who had not followed the plot, InSane was in production at the Volition team, but given the economic crisis, THQ has decided to abandon the plan by returning all rights to Del Toro also looked at the large budget that they should invest.

He never knew much about the game itself, if not that would be a horror with strong lovercraftiane atmospheres and it had to be a AAA project.

In short we hope to one day see realized.