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Assassin's Creed 2: details of the Auditore family

Ubisoft released today some infos on the members of the Auditore family that we'll meet in the game, with  details on Ezio's parents, brothers and sister. Read all after the jump, followed by a couple of screenshots showing Ezio and his family.

Ezio’s family – the Auditore – is one of the most prominent families in Florence in 1476. They live prosperous in one of the most luxurious homes of the city and the three children, including Ezio, weren’t the kind to care much about anything else than living the good life. The Auditore have forged strong alliances and relationships with the Medeci throughout the 15th century and have therefore inevitably become enemies for another of Florence’s prominent families : the Pazzi.

You will meet several members of Ezio’s family as you start your adventure through the game.

Giovanni Auditore

Giovanni is Ezio’s father. He appears to be a banker working for the Medici but is in fact an Assassin. He was raised and trained (along with his brother, Mario) as an Assassin, Giovanni has been aware of the Templars (and their evil schemes) for almost all of his life. Starting around the age of 15, he’s been fighting to keep them from establishing a foothold in the region. Over the years, however, the strength of the Assassin Brotherhood has waned relative to the Templars. Always striving to stay true and honest – refusing to compromise or take shortcuts – the Assassins have inadvertently weakened themselves. They have maintained the moral high road - at the cost of strength and progress. For years the fighting was relatively standard – limited to brief clashes, minor conspiracies and powerplays. But things are beginning to change…

Maria Auditore

Ezio’s mother, Maria, is the daughter of a larger Florentine noble family. Maria was a precocious and inquisitive child. Her parents initially tried to repress this, but eventually gave up. At her insistence they provided her with an education and allowed her to start her own business – a bakery. She enjoyed interacting with the people of Florence – the “true citizens” of Florence as she would put it. It was here that she met Giovanni (quite by accident), but it was love at first sight. So began a whirlwind romance that ended with marriage (and the conception of Frederico).

Frederico Auditore

Ezio’s older brother, Frederico, is quick, clever, has a sense of humor, will often tease Ezio, but won’t tolerate it if a stranger tries the same. He’s a little older and wiser than Ezio (and has already begun Assassin training with their father). This is a secret he hasn’t shared with his brother. Marco also wants to pass on as much of his life experience as possible to his younger brother. They’re best friends.

Claudia Auditore

Ezio’s younger sister, she was spoiled rotten as a child by Giovanni – and it shows. She is bright and kind, but still a bit immature. If she wants something – get out of her way. She’ll do anything (and I mean anything) to get it. As tragic events happen in their family, she will look up to Ezio. He will turn into a savior and protector for her.

Petrucio Auditore

Petrucio is the last one of the Auditore family.

Mario Auditore

Raised alongside Giovanni to be an Assassin. Whereas Giovanni focused more on stealth and espionage, Mario’s focus was on armed combat and group maneuvers. He has built up a sizeable following of condottiere over the years. They believe him to be just another mercenary captain, but he uses them primarily to fight against Templar interests in the region. Since the Templars themselves have integrated into Italian nobility, to the outside observer, the fighting seems to be business as usual. But as with most things in the AC universe, there’s more to it than meets the eye.